This is the intro page to my gallery. There are three categories available for you to watch and browse. I give a short description of them below.

Humble beginnings

This shows my earliest work when I was just figuring out how 3d modeling works. Despite the work being amateur I have some fond memories of creating them and some pieces I was really proud of at the time! Its easy to be unhappy with your progress, especially with art, so it also serves as a reminder of what I have learned over the years. Even though I just do this as a hobby its inspirational to see your achievements and growth. I hope it also inspires you if you are just starting out. Its not called humble beginnings for no reason!

Main gallery

This gallery presents the main works that I am the most proud of. The work itself varies considerably and contains both rendered and unrendered works from a variety of programs. I really enjoy digital sculpting and you can find various works from programs like Zbrush, 3D-Coat and sculptris (my favourite). You will also find the occasional wireframe and even a drinking glass model from my cupboard! I hope you will enjoy browsing through this gallery.


Here I show various studies. These vary from the human skull and muscles of the face to more technical studies of giving depth to a landscape or the practicalities of creating a game model. Its really a collection of interesting end results from various experiments. Sometimes you just go with the flow and you surprise yourself. I find these the more satisfying of my creative sessions since they take you back to the time when everything was new and you were learning every time you made something in 3d.